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Fancy Dress for Events

Tickled Pink Fancy Dress provides fancy dress for events and is proud to have partnered with a wide range of events across the UK from large festivals to local Christmas markets. We can work with companies and event organisers in a number of different ways and we are always happy to chat to see how we can help you and your event – just click on contact us and we will get back to you.

 We can help advertise your event on our website, through our email database and social media networks, provide event sponsorship or a sales commission. We set up a dedicated landing page for all events with shared imagery which you can link to from your event site or communications. Plus we can offer your guests discounts, we can host competitions with prizes and we can provide blogs all relevant to the fancy dress theme so get in touch.

What we do:

Event Presence

Tickled Pink Fancy Dress attend a number of events and festivals selling directly to customer through a stand. We feel that it is important to engage with customers at events to show that there is a friendly, helpful team sitting behind the website. Plus, it’s an opportunity to talk to our customers and explain more about the products that we sell allowing customers to touch and feel the quality. It beneficial for our Clients as it encourages their guests to dress up and get into the event spirit taking pictures and sharing on social media; promoting the event. Below are a few examples of where we have successfully worked with events previously.

The Big Feastival, a large family friendly festival in the the Cotswolds.

The Big Feastival is the largest family festival in the UK celebrating both music (organised by Alex James) and food (organised by Jamie Oliver). Our stall at the Big Feastival, selling cute animal onesies range was a huge success and praised by the event organisers as a great addition to the Little Dudes Den, kids zone.

Big Feastival


 The London Bierfest, Old Billingsgate Market, London

The London Bierfest is a corporate event to celebrate Oktoberfest. It attracts over 4,000 people over 2 days each wanting to embrace the Bavarian spirit. Tickled Pink had a stand at the event, selling Oktoberfest costumes and accessories encouraging guests to dress up and get into the Oktoberfest spirit.

London Bierfest


 Event Online Marketing

Incorporating a fancy dress theme into an event is a fun way to differentiate the event, create a unique selling point and connect with a younger market. Organising an event is difficult and we appreciate that promoting a fancy dress theme might be a step too far. We are able to offer our Client’s a range of fancy dress costumes specific to that event and provide Client’s with their own dedicated landing page on our website. This makes it easy for guests to select fancy dress items for the event and we can provide your guests with a discount to encourage them to dress up.

In addition our marketing team can help promote your event writing interesting articles for the event, running competitions and advertising through our own social media. For large events we are able to place an event banner on our site and feature the event in newsletters which are emailed out to our large customer data base.

Bournemouth 7s, a large sport and music festival attracting over 30,000 guests

Tickled Pink Fancy Dress sponsored Bournemouth 7s providing Olympic themed fancy dress through a dedicated landing page. We helped market the event by writing and issuing articles on both our site and the Bournemouth 7s site and we promoted through our social media. We also ran a competition and gave the winner fancy dress costumes of their choice for their entire sports team.

Bournemouth 7s


 Providing Fancy Dress for Events

We work with companies who require fancy dress for their event staff and or guests, offering discounts for bulk purchases. In return we ask that you promote our website and encourage guests to purchase from us. Please get in touch with us, if this is something we can help you out with.


Tickled Pink Fancy Dress proudly sponsors a range of charities. Currently we are sponsoring a number of animal charities, including Pandas International and bumble bee conservation trust.

Check out below a number of the partners we have worked with in the past below.

Sponsors and Partners