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ZooHood launch Panda Twinsie for Valentines Day

ZooHood launch Panda Twinsie for Valentines Day
By Tickled Pink 4 months ago 3967 Views No comments

ZooHood launches World’s first animal twinsie (two person onesie) and its just in time for Valentine’s Day. Animal Onesies have been popular for years and now there’s a two person version that’s cool, cute, comfortable and cuddle enhancing. Who is your onesie soulmate?

Panda Twinsie

The Panda Twinsie is an over-sized, Panda all-in-one costume for you and your partner which you can pop in and out of. ZooHood wanted to create a product that was fun, quirky and comfortable and we think that the Panda Twinsie is just that. The design features four legs, two arms, two cute panda hoods and of course two panda button tails. The Panda Twinsie is joined from leg to shoulder via poppers giving wearers the option to pop apart if they need a little time apart.

There are times in all relationships when you don’t want to be joined at the hip (literally) and ZooHood wanted to design a product that gives customers the option to split the Twinsie into two. Think of it as popping apart to gain a little Panda freedom from your partner and then when the time comes, you can easily pop back together for #PandaHugs.

Panda Twinsie by ZooHood

We asked our friends over at ZooHood how they came up with the idea.

Alex from ZooHood commented that "we wanted to create something a little different. Generally people gift roses, chocolates and wine for Valentines Day and we wanted to break the mold and offer customers a product that's a little different but still romantic. Many of our customers return to our site to buy a onesie for their partner so we thought it would be fun to create a giant all-in-one for two people"

A number of celebrities have also been spotted in animal onesies including Cara Delevingne, Megan Trainor, Jimmy Fallon and others clearly showing that the onesies are still in fashion. It’s hoped that the animal twinsie will become as popular as animal onesies with many opting to wear them to festivals over the Summer. The design could also be adapted for a parent and child option allowing kids to snuggle up to their parents.

As the cold Winter nights continue, we think that the Panda Twinsie is the ultimate Valentine’s Day present. The Panda Twinsie is available now on ZooHood for £85.