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World Book Day Costume Ideas

World Book Day Costume Ideas
By Tickled Pink 4 months ago 3747 Views 37 comments

World Book Day returns for its 20th year on March 2nd and school and nurseries across the country are encouraging kids to “Do Something Booky”. World Book Day is a worldwide celebration of authors, books, illustrators and most importantly reading so choose a book and get involved. We’ve got all the details of what happens on the day, competitions and vital World Book Day Costume ideas to ensure your child looks the part.

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Win a World Book Day Costume

What happens on the day?

The most popular way to celebrate World Book Day is to dress up as a character from your favorite book. This might be a hero or heroine from a book that you’ve read recently or a timeless book character. Harry Potter, Horrible Histories, Where’s Wally and Disney are popular themes from modern literature whilst Roald Dahl, The Gruffalo, Robin Hood are timeless classics. AA Milne's Winnie the Pooh remains a firm favorite for younger children at nursery and pre-school. Remember to learn a little about the character you dress up as, because Book quizzes, matching characters to authors and literacy quotes are common activities on the day.

Costume Ideas

Roald Dahl Costumes

Roald Dahl is famous for creating characters including Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, crazy Willy Wonker, studious Matilda, the terrifying Miss Trunchbull and Fantastic Mr Fox. Following the release of The BFG (Big Friendly Giant) film last year, we are predicting that the young giant will be a popular choice. Find out more about all the Roald Dahl characters in a special post that we posted for Roald Dahl Day.

Kids Roald Dahl Costumes

Harry Potter Costumes

Join Harry, Hermione and Ron on a magical adventure as the three budding wizards progress through Hogwarts School of magic. J.K.Rowling is famous for her detailed narrative enabling children to build up the character using their own imagination. Transform into a wizard and follow in the footsteps of Harry this year for World Book Day in licensed Harry Potter Costumes.

Harry Potter Costumes

Where’s Wally Costumes

Where’s Wally was created nearly 30 years ago by British illustrator Martin Handford, and he is now a national icon. The character appears in over 7 books wearing his famous red and white top and blue trousers. Wally has since been joined by Wilma, Wenda, Odlaw and Woof, Wallys dog in countless illustrated adventures. This is a great option for kids who want to stand out at school and think of the fun you can have playing hide and seek in the school playground.

Kids Wheres Wally Costumes

The Gruffalo

Prepare to embark on an adventure into the deep, dark woods with your forest friends under the disguise that Grufallo is watching over you. The Grufallo, half grizzly Bear and half Buffalo created by Julia Donaldson is a popular choice for nursery and pre school children. The Travis Designs Monster Cape can be worn over your school clothes and doubles up as a rather impressive Gruffalo costume.

Grufallo Costume

Historical Characters

Horrible Histories books engage children in historical events through gruesome stories told in a tongue-in-cheek manner which makes history fun. The illustrated books have created a number of horrific and disgusting historical characters including Queens, Kings, Peasants, Tudors, Victorians, Knights, Vikings and the infamous Guy Fawkes. Choose your favorite historical character for World Book Day.

Kids Victorian Costumes

Winnie The Pooh

AA Milne’s Winnie The Pooh, is a childhood classic for many and is the perfect choice for younger children at nursery and pre-school. Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet are some of the most celebrated book characters. Shop the quality Travis Designs range of Disney Baby costumes for your little one.


Treasure Island and Pirates of the Caribbean have made pirates a popular choice for World Book Day. Set sail on the high seas and celebrate literature at the same time as perfecting your pirate slang. There are many different options for this theme from a Jack Sparrow costume to a pirate kit including a sword, eye patch and bandanna. Ahoy there matey!!

Kids Pirate Costumes


Transform into a fairy-tale character on World Book Day including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, The Red Queen or Robin Hood. Dressing up as a classic fairy-tale characters will enable your children to take part in fanciful adventures that differ from modern classics.

Cinderella Costume

Animal Costumes

The Tiger Who Came to Tea, Jungle Book and more recently Dinosaurs love Underpants has made dressing up as animal a further option for World Book Day. Check out our fun range of tiger and dinosaur onesies and our other animal costumes that are perfect for cheeky little monkeys.

Kids Animal Costumes

Click HERE to enter the competition to Win a World Book Day Costume.

Win a World book Day Costume

Sarah 4 months ago at 11:12
Love the Roald Dahl Costumes
KARL BOROWY 4 months ago at 19:39
Mrs Morgan Plus 3 4 months ago at 11:00
Im sure ill have an army guy and a princess for world book day this year hehe! #twinklytuesday
Di 3 months ago at 19:12
I'd love to win Wally for my son!
Sandra Bald 3 months ago at 21:33
Hermione Gryffindor Robe
Gaynor Spanswick 3 months ago at 10:03
Fairytale costume would be lovely ,thank you .
prerna gupta 3 months ago at 11:35
I love the roald dahl costumes!
Louise Ryves 3 months ago at 09:54
My son would love the bfg costume
Katie 3 months ago at 09:57
Probably the fairy princess costume
Laura Pritchard 3 months ago at 10:15
I love the Roald Dahl Fantastic Mr Fox costume!
Tracy Nixon 3 months ago at 10:23
I love the Roald Dahl Costumes
Adrian Bold 3 months ago at 11:43
I'd love to win the Dinosaur costume!
Adrian Bold 3 months ago at 15:31
How do I stop all the email spam whenever anyone posts on this thread? I can't see a 'Subscribe to comments' anywhere other than when I write a new message?
Hannah Scudder 3 months ago at 12:08
My son would love the gruffalo costume!
Angie McDonald 3 months ago at 12:25
I'd love to win the Matilda costume as she's my niece's favourite Roald Dahl character!
Kim Neville 3 months ago at 12:51
I like the Child Roald Dahl Willy Wonker
Susan Breese 3 months ago at 12:54
The BFG woulod be perfect for us. Thank you.
Nancy Bradford 3 months ago at 13:22
My daughter goes through her "Where's Wally" books every day so I'd like to win that costume for her.
A.E. ADKINS 3 months ago at 14:17
Would love the BFG costume for WBD
Audra bland 3 months ago at 14:49
My son would love WILLY WONKA please
Victoria Allum 3 months ago at 14:54
I love the gruffalo costume. Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck everyone :)
Martina Pichova 3 months ago at 16:06
I would love the Where is Wally? costume for my son.
Annabel Greaves 3 months ago at 17:42
My daughter would love the fairy tale costume
Kimberley Ryan 3 months ago at 18:21
would love the Hermione Gryffindor Robe for my daughter
Dale Dow 3 months ago at 18:22
Harry Potter!
emma walters 3 months ago at 19:25
my son said he really likes the cool ghoul costume
Laura Kevlin 3 months ago at 20:16
I'd love the Kids Kigurumi Unicorn Onesie in age 5-9 please :)
Angela Wilcox 3 months ago at 20:40
My daughter would love the Matilda costume
Angela Pagan 3 months ago at 20:41
Harry Potter please
Michaela Hannah 3 months ago at 20:46
Would love to win the BFG costurme
Carly Belsey 3 months ago at 21:34
My son would love to wear the Where's Wally costume :-)
Andrea F 3 months ago at 22:11
A Victorian maid
paula cheadle 3 months ago at 23:02
I think it would have to be Harry Potter
rachel Curley 3 months ago at 23:26
Love the Roald Dahl costumes
Tee simpson 3 months ago at 23:35
Matilda please
Kate Davies 3 months ago at 00:05
My son would love the Harry Potter robe.