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Easy Roald Dahl Character Costumes

Easy Roald Dahl Character Costumes
By Tickled Pink 3 months ago 1147 Views 3 comments

Create splendiferous, last minute, Roald Dahl character costumes with our easy, no sew dressing up ideas. Don’t get caught out for World Book Day. It’s easier than you think, to dress as a Roald Dahl character, if you delve into their wardrobes and follow our top tips.

The BFG Costume

You don’t need to be 24 feet tall to dress us as Roald Dahl's Big Friendly Giant. You will need a pair of green flared trousers, a white shirt and a brown waistcoat. Don’t worry if the waistcoat is a little too small as the giant struggled to find clothes to fit. Create two large BFG ears using 2 paper plates stuck to a headband. See the full tutorial here over on the Roald Dahl site.


Charlie Bucket Costume

Charlie wins a golden ticket to visit Willy Wonkers magical chocolate factory and has the time of his life. To dress up as Charlie Bucket, you will need a bight coloured shirt, blue trousers and a pair of trendy converse trainers. Create a Golden Ticket using shinny gold card and in black marker pen write “Golden Ticket”.

Charlie Bucket

Willy Wonker Costume

Dress up as the crazy Willy Wonker and dream about owning your own magical, Chocolate Factory. You will need a bright, purple coat, a pair of green contracting trousers and a bight colored waistcoat. Mr Wonker is known for his love of bright attire so the brighter the better. Create a bow tie using white ribbon, add a black top hat and pop a few chocolates in their pockets.

Willy Wonker Costume

Matilda Costume

Studious Matilda would rather sit and read books rather than watch TV with the rest of her family. To dress up as Matilda, you will need a pale blue, knee-length dress, a pair of white tights and the biggest book that you can find in the house. Add a newt so that your child can fully embrace Matilda’s character and play occasional pranks at school. We cannot accept any responsibility for detention if your child does manage to drop their newt in the teachers water.

Matilda Costume

Miss Trunchbull Costume

Miss Trunchbull is always telling children off at Chunchem Hall primary school where she is the head teacher. To dress up as the strict teacher, wear a beige trench coat and scrape their hair into a bun. Draw on a eyebrows to create a mono brow that meets in the middle and add blusher as Miss Trunchbull is always red with rage.

Miss Trunchbull Costume

Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

Look fantastic on World Book Day and dress up smart like Dahl's, cunning Mr Fox. You will need a pair of old trousers, a bight coloured waistcoat, fox tail and mask. Create a fabulous no sew, fluffy fox tail by following this tutorial over on BitsFashion Blogspot. Create matching fluffy Fox ears by cutting out triangles from left over fake fur and attach to a headband using glue. Pop a couple of carrots in their pockets as Mr Fox was known for stealing food from dim witted farmers.

Fantastic Mr Fox Costume

Mr and Mrs Twit

Spend the day playing practical jokes on your classmates whilst dressed as a complete twit. Roald Dahl’s Mr and Mrs Twit are spiteful characters who look menacing and scruffy. To dress as Mrs Twit, you will need an old dress that you can tear around the neck and hem and backcomb your child's hair before spraying with hairspray to hold. To dress up as Mr Twit, you will need to dress head to toe in blue wearing a ripped blue top and trousers. Make your very own Mr Twit beard by downloading this free printable from the Roald Dahl delicious dress up site.

Mr and Mrs Twit Costumes

George from Georges Marvelous Medicine

You don’t have to be called George to dress up as this phizz-whizzing Roald Dahl character. You will need a red top, a saucepan, a wooden spoon and a name tag showing that for today you are to be referred to as George.

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maria hackett 3 months ago at 11:03
wow! i would love the Child Roald Dahl Matilda costume for my little daughter.
Leanne Bell 3 months ago at 11:21
I like the Fantastic Mr Fox costume so I would choose that one please.
Rachel Heap 3 months ago at 20:26
Am loving the Fantastic MR FOX costume